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GET MORE DONE! All Day Every Day! 3 Tips for Maximum Productivity!


August 24, 2018

Hey, Friend!

Are you struggling with time management?

Do you find that focusing is hard when you have a lot on your plate?

Do you wish there were more hours in the day?

These tips below are are what I use to stay organized and to be at least 50% more productive that I’ve been in the past.

Using these tips helps me to:

1.)  Feel confident about what I’m accomplishing for the day.

2.)  Have a quicker turnaround with delivering responses and requests to my clients.

3.)  Have so much more quality time with my family!!!

Tip #1 – Start your day off with something motivational!

Each morning I wake up and read.  I don’t read for a long period of time. Maybe 5-10 minutes of something that is motivational and gets me in the right headspace for the day.  My top recommendations right now are:

1.)  The Bible (No worries if you’re not religious. I have other recommendations too.)

2.)  Girl Wash Your Face

2.)  You Are a Badass

Audiobooks work well, too!  Just get yourself excited about waking up and starting the day!  This will set the tone for productivity and put you in the right mindset to get stuff DONE!!!

Tip #2 – Take 10 Minutes to Plan Your Day!

After I’m done with my quick read each morning, I plan my day for about 10 minutes.  I think about what projects I HAVE to get done that day. I put them all in the notes section of my phone or in my AWESOME to do list app, Trello!  You can get it here…www.trello.com.  It’s amazing because you can have it on your phone through their app and also it’s accessible from any computer.

I use this app daily to keep up with my to-dos and also to keep organized with what I have for my assistant.  This is also AWESOME for families. It’s a great way to add things to your to do list, or your spouse’s list, or even your kids. If you don’t have this app, go GET IT!

Tip #3 – Do Some Stretching or Exercise

I take time out each morning to exercise before starting my day. This is my time to get caught up on the latest episode of Bachelor In Paradise (because who has time to watch TV at night?), all while getting my sweat on!  And you know what, it’s ME time!  No kids, no distractions, and it’s a great way to relieve stress BEFORE the day begins. Even if you do it for just a few minutes, plan it into your day!  You’ll thank yourself later.


This is the biggest tip I can offer!!!  Chunk your time!!!  Set a timer for 50 minutes. Work for those 50 minutes and then take a 10 minute break. Walk away from what you’re doing, stretch, take a Facebook break, get a snack, whatever it might be.  Just take your eyes and brain away from your task for 10 minutes.  Then get back to it!  BUT, there are rules.  Here they are:

1.)  NO SOCIAL MEDIA during your 50 minutes!!!  You’ll fall into the black hole and maybe never return. Then you’ve wasted all of that time and fallen behind!  JUST SAY NO!

2.)  No answering phone calls or texts.  I find that putting my phone on “do not disturb” or in a separate room altogether keeps me focused!

3.)  No answering emails…unless that is what you have scheduled during those 50 minutes.  The emails can wait.  Stay focused!!

4.)  No internet surfing unless it is directly related to what you’ve blocked out for those 50 minutes.

If you implement these tips, I guarantee you that you’ll see immediate improvement and be amazed at how much extra time you have each day!

If you would love more tips for growing your business, click HERE to schedule your FREE one on one strategy call with me to take your business to the next level!



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